Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Already... Sassy Cheryls

Here is a card I made today with Sassy Cheryl's new image Thick as Thieves... I just love it the little dog reminds me of Tinker. I did this one in Copics... It snowed here we ended up getting like 6 inches I think... I tried to get a picture of Tinker she just loves the snow and comes in with all these snowballs added to her... Then she shakes and they get all over the place... So cute.. Have a fantastic week.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tired of Winter..

I am so tired of Winter already I just wish it would get nice out already and green grass. I get so cranky this time of year. Here is one of my new PB stamps that I got last week? Has it been that long already since I got these. Now can't Winter fly by like that hahah... anyways I did the below with Copics. The paper I am not really sure who makes it i just had it in my stash that I hoarded. I can't believe how bad I am about buying patterned paper. I think about a specific card I want to do and then i somewhat have an idea of how I want my patterned paper to be and i'll look through some of mine and think hmmm nope no paper so off to Archivers I go to get more paper haha...

I don't know about you guys but how about tastes changing over the years. I have been going through my stuff trying to organize and like punches. Really, I don't use these anymore except for edgers and shapes. I still have all the HUGE Marvey punches with their Pink, Blue, Yellow etc of all their big sizes for Shapes. I must have bought every single punch that ever came out. I have 2 huge shelves full, 3 of the Crop In Style punch pals that hang on the back of a door, 2 Stands of like 15 rows that my friends husband made me and drawer after drawer full of them. OK Enough already. I went through and got rid of all my HUGE ones that were in my drawers cause come on I had no where to keep the things anymore and then 1 of my Punch Pals. 2 huge boxes I gave to someone at work that was just getting started in Card making so she enjoyed that. 

Then lets talk about stamps. OMG I was looking through stamps I've never even had out of the packages and now i look at them like "Hmmm why did i buy this" my tastes have changed so much over the past 10 years it's not funny. Then lets not forget about the Conventions we use to have and all the stuff I bought that i really don't even remember what I was supposed to do with it anymore haha...

Ok enough rambling. Have a great day and a fabulous weekend...

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Wild Rose stamps..

As promised here is pictures of the new Wild Rose stamps I got from Stamp and Create the other day... I don't know which ones to use tomorrow. I am leaning towards PB stamps but these are all adorable too. My favorite of these ones is the top picture the two little elephants farthest to the right.

Hope everyone is staying warm we had -20 when i got up this morning brrrrr. Bringing Tinker to the groomer today. I haven't done that since she got fixed so it's about time. Have a great day...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is it Friday Yet?

I don't know about you but I am so ready for this week to end. Plus I have to work late tomorrow night ughhhh. It's supposed to be -25 tomorrow evening I just heard. I just absolutely hate cold weather and winters uck uck uck. I had another small mail day today from Stamp and Create. I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet. So here is a card I made this past weekend. I love this little pig makes me smile. This little pig is from Chrissy Armstrong and is available at Whimsey Stamps. I used some paper I think maybe My Minds Eye. I don't remember I only had one sheet of it. The ribbon I got at Michaels and colored this one with Copics. It's in my Etsy Store I will try and remember to take a picture of the stamps I got today and post them later... Have a good evening..

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Mail Day

Thought I would show you what the mailman brought me today.. Yippee I get all mine from it is not owned by Dick anymore someone by name of Jon owns it but he's given me great service so far. I think I've placed 3 or 4 orders since Dick retired.Aren't they fabulous stamps. I love Mimi she is my favorite. Have a great afternoon and hope everyone is staying warm. It's actually kinda cold here today with the wind. I last checked it was 20 above... about 20 below with the wind it feels like.

Monday, January 28, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Dragon

Hey I am getting better it's been less than a month since my last post. While I was thinking about it thought I would show you a card I did this past weekend. This little guy is cute isn't he. I just love it when Whimsey Stamps comes out with a new release. I usually buy a few. This time I didn't get any Elizabeth Bell design ones but got a couple of Crissy Armstrong's and a new Artist they have Heidi Schwoerer which I have seen her images somewhere and now I don't remember I look at so many dang sites. Well anyways this little guy is "Bart on St. Paddy's Day" you just got to love him huh. Another thing I have been complete stuck on lately is water coloring with my Tim Holtz Distress Markers... Love love love em. I was really hoping that they would come out with the 12 colors that were special edition and now they are part of their color line at the last CHA but I never saw them on any of the sites that I was keeping track of for preorders. So if someone has any info on that let me know. When I first tried them I didn't really like them but as previously stated the Canson Monteval Spiral Pads are just the best for Watercoloring. I tried getting the smaller pads but I go through them way to fast. I bought 4 of them at Jerry's Artarama cause they had the best price of anywhere I found them at but you got to make that shipping worthwhile which is why I bought 4. I am on my 2nd one currently I already went through one. You can fit quite a few images on one page. These were bigger so I could only fit 6 per page of these ones. Ok wow was I rambling or what. Ok this image was colored with Distress Markers. I used Liquid Applique on the suds of my beer. I thought about making my Beer green but went with traditional colors instead cause I already had so much green. Isn't he too cute though.. Ok have a great week and stay warm.. TTFN

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Valentine Card

I know I have been so horrible about posting anything new. Seems like real life gets in the way and there is never enough time. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Thought I would share to you one of my new listings on Etsy.

This is an image by Victoria Case. I just love this little dog. The stamp was Paper Pretties when I was on their team not sure if they still sell them or not. Lots of different sayings you can put in the sign. I added some black lacquer to the paw print and the paper I got at Archivers. Ribbon is from Michaels and the hearts I found on Ebay in bulk.

I have been hooked on water coloring with my Ranger distress markers. When I first preordered them I really didn't care for them until I seen someone using Canson Monteval Watercolor paper. And am I glad that i seen that cause they blend really easy with water on that paper. I am really hoping for CHA this year they release all their special colors into Markers since they have another dozen of them since the release of the markers.

Have a great evening..

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Wow I can't believe so much time has went by since I last posted. Seems like time goes by so fast. Here is a card I made using one of the newest images by Designed2Delight. I just love this little frog it's so dang cute. Hope everyone is having a fabulous fall... Till next time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More on Tinker

One more day of work this week after today and I get ready to leave for New Orleans for work. I will be in training most the time but it will definitely be nice to not be at work. Then when I get home I get to go get the puppy and bring her home I am so excited about that.

Here is a picture of her that I got yesterday and here is another card I did from Dilly Beans stamps. The card I used some left over halloween paper from last year and colored it in a mixture of copics and shinhan markers. I only have like 25 so I need to use both kinds.

Have a wonderful day

Monday, May 7, 2012


Here is a new puppy that I am getting in about 2 weeks. She needs to be weaned yet from her mommy. I just can't wait to give her a big squeeze. I don't know what it is about puppies and babies I just can't resist. We are going to call her Tinker and Tink for short.. Down in the bottom picture she is the front puppy. The back little puppy they are weighing down his ears so they lay more natural. She probably has tape on her ears too right now since we are not going to crop them. I always thought that looked too painful to do.