Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ballerina Kitten

Here is another adorable image from Mo which her link can be found under my digital images on the right hand side. I just love her designs. She also has some rubber stamps coming out which I believe is from Stampavia. They are acrylic which I am not a huge acrylic fan so will stick with the digital images. This one is colored with pencils.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mo's Digital Image - Eskimo

Isn't this digital image too dang cute. I just love it. Colored with pencils.

So did everyone make it through the Holidays and Black Friday? I went to the movies with my husband on Thanksgiving and wanted to see the new Sandra Bullock movie. I have never seen the theater so packed. The movie was actually sold out so we went and see Old Dogs which started 45 minutes later. It was a cute movie. Then yesterday I ventured to JCP cause they had $200 jackets for $49 so I had to get one of those and $100 boots for $29.99. But I drove around for 10 minutes before I could even find a parking space and of course spent way too much money haha... but I got some great deals.

On the next note for those of you who buy cards from me on Ebay I will probably only be posting next Saturday for my last post of Christmas cards so people have a chance to mail them out. Thanks for your continued patronage throughout the year. I know a lot of had difficulties selling on Ebay but thanks to my great customer base I haven't had any problems. It is nice to have dedicated customers. I might take the rest of the month off from I haven't decided yet before I start on Valentine cards... Wow time definately goes by too fast huh... Everyone have a great weekend..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paper Angels

Here is another card I did from Motivet I just love their Christmas images that they came out with. This one was colored with pencils and I added stickles on the wings.

On another note I can't get over how fast time is flying by and Christmas will be here shortly. I have been busy getting all my stuff bought and still have a little bit more but almost done for the most part. I bought almost everything from Amazon this year. You sure can't beat no shipping and tax and straight to your door. This I can do from work too haha... love it even though my mailman hates it cause he has to come up to the house so much... Anyways have a great week...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Moose

I am finally feeling a little bit better I really hate colds this time of the year they never seem to go away. It has also been rather nice here in Minnesota for this time a year. Highs have been in the 60's almost every day. No snow which I am thinking it is probably about the time we will be dumped on pretty soon. And New Moon starts tomorrow how exciting is that. I can't wait but I will wait however for the Saturday showing whether then going at midnight haha..

<\p> This card that I have to show you today can be found at Squigglefly which the designer is Crissy Armstrong. I just love her designs. It is though a digital download so you will have to download it and print it out. She also has a fall moose I have too. Colored with a mixture of pencils and marker... Have a great week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Wow it's been a long week. Now I am sick from one of my co workers. He came into work with a horrible cold and fever and now me and another guy I work with are both sick. I have to go into work tonight because there is noone else but I plan on taking tomorrow night off till I get my voice back. Kind of hard to do Tech support with no voice haha... Also I mentioned we were going through refinancing on our house well that fell through. Our value of our house has dropped 50k in 2 years so it was a no go. I figured that housing market has to come back up again so maybe we will try again next year. So as you can see my week hasn't been the greatest.

I did get a couple cards made yesterday not too many but a couple. Here is one of them. This is a stamp from Motivet which I just love their stamps. I colored this one with pencils and prisma's. Also I received some stamps from Whimsey today which are the new Chrissy one's so hoping to get those made this week. I hope everyone has a great weekend... Look at my countdown not too many days till christmas left haha... Oh on another note New Moon starts on the 20th woot woot. We seen 2012 today which was very good. Enough rambling..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Precious Moments

Sorry guys I haven't had time to post lately I have so much stuff going on. We are in the middle of refinancing so I have been trying to get that all in order and then cleaning up the house etc. Also working 5 midnights a week only gives me one full day off which is Friday. Doesn't leave much time for anything considering that is my cleaning and laundry day. And now with Christmas not too far away. Sigh.... never enough time for anything that is for sure.

But anyways here is a card I made this week I just love these Precious Moments stamps it's a shame you can't find them anymore. I seen some go on Ebay for ridiculous amounts of money. My mom however was at a rummage sale and called me up last summer and asked me if I wanted some. I told her to buy all they had of them LOL. This is done with pencils and gamsol.

We had a super cold October but now that is November we have had great weather the last couple of days. It even got up in the 60's today. It was opening deer hunting so not sure if the weather is a good thing or bad thing. I remember my dad saying he liked a light dusting so you could see deer tracks. But oh well I prefer nice weather.. haha... Have a great week.