Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Believe set

I made this yesterday from the Papertrey Believe set again. I did add a fluffy pompom to his hat but forgot when i scanned this LOL. Done with mostly pencils and gamsol and some markers to outline the tree leaves to give it more depth. I added Crystal effects to each berry so they were raised and flocking on all the white on Santa. I think i might make one of these for my husbands Grandma for Christmas. I just love Santa in blue.... Have a great day. I go to work tonight but right now i am headed to go see SAW 4 with my daughter. I love them SAW movies almost as much as i use to love the FREDDIES.... LOL

Friday, October 26, 2007

Piece of Cake

I've made so many cute cards i don't know which one's to post on here. These are both made with Piece of cake which is tons of seperate pieces and then you build them up. Like the Have your cake is 4 different stamps - The Cake and Eat one stamp and Have your and it too is another one and then frosting and filling are 2 stamps too. I used chalk inks on these.

Second card i used my Alcohol inks and did the background with i believe it was pearl and gold. I stamped the Cake out of pink chalk in and then red for the flowers which is actually one stamp. Celebrate also comes in that set - Added Rhinestones to the cake and also some little sparkly rhinestones. Very cute don't you think....


I love these Elzybells stamps with of course link being on the side over there. I bought almost all of them. This one turned out so cute. I sewed along the edges with my little sewing machine. I used my Copic Spica pens and went along the border of the cloud and other areas so it sparkles a little bit. Also took ribbon and hung a little snowflake charm on it. Then added the little saying at the bottom which is also hers. I run out of ideas though and can't think of anything new to do. Hopefully I can come up with things for the other one's so you can see them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well as you can see by ebay i was busy today and made a bunch of cards. I thought i would share this one with you i love how it turned out. Stamp set is called "Believe" by PapertreyInk which is on my links. I colored the tree in pencils and then i took my Copic markers and shaded each leaf. I added red markers for the berries and then used my Copic Spicas and sparked each one. Then i used my Clear Lacquer and added a dot to each one to raise it. Santa is colored in pencils except for his face i used markers. Then i did the same with the wreath as i did for the tree. I added a metal bracket which is from stampin up but they sell similiar at Joanns. Also can't forget i took a fuzzy pompom for the hat and ribbon for the wreath. Glitter Cardstock is from Joann's Glitter Cardstock Stack.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Christmas Bunnies

I am just leaving for work in a few minutes but i made some cards tonight to throw on ebay and I wanted to share with you my bunny one. I buy these from HM Stamps he gives a great discount which i believe is 20% below retail . I think i own all buy a couple of the Bunnies and have 100+ of the mice which i love too. But this card is just simple - I colored one of the bunnies in pencil and then the tree and carrots. The white bunny is not colored except for ears and tail and nose. I made a bunch of the carrots 3d and also the bunnies. I used my copic sparkly gold pen for the ornament holders. I added ribbon i got at Michaels. Very cute i love how it turned out...

Weight Loss

I think my story is everyone's these days but as you can see by my little ticker on the side i have been trying to lose weight forever. I quit smoking 4 years ago and gained an instant 40lbs from my 120lbs and its been a constant battle since. I think I have tried every product on the market today from powers - liquids - shakes you name it. Few of those brands would be Metabalife - Trimspa - Dexatrim - Slimfast only to name a few.

I was at work a couple weeks researching weightloss. I know it gets harder after 40 but it shouldn't be impossible. My problem is not the amount of food i eat at a sitting but that i munch munch munch all the time. I think everytime i go into the kitchen i grab a handful of something to eat. So ok back to the research. Anyways i ran into something called Hoodia - its all natural and grows in South Africa which its a plant. They are trying to make synthetic one's here in the states so you got to be careful. Must say 100% pure on it. I have only found a couple distributors of it that were legit. Which are HoodiThin and DesertBurn there are a couple more too but i was more interested in liquid as its immediately absorbed unlike pills that take forever to kick in.

I am too cheap so after doing my research i bought a couple bottles of HoodiThin on ebay. I think i paid $26 for one and $30 for the other. It was used in Africa while they were on hunting trips they ate it because it filled them up without eating or bringing along a bunch of food. Now i am thinking but does it work. I have wasted so much money on these products whats another right. So when it came last monday i believe it was it suggests 1 full dropper a meal but then your little bottle wouldn't last long. I put in 1/4 dropper and use it 4 x a day when i am hungry or feel like munching. Guess what no food cravings and i am full all the time. You have to make yourself eat because obviously not eating isn't healthy. But since last money i have dropped about 5lbs which everyone knows first week you lose more than others but keep track of my tracker and you can see how much i lose.

I don't feel any side effects like i do with other weight loss products - No headaches - sick to my stomache - shakes - tremors or anything else. First couple of nights i did have some horrible dreams but that might have just been that day's stress. But if there is someone out there like me its worth a try. My husband is also doing it i don't know if its because of weight or what but he needs the full dropper where as i get by with the 1/4.

Oh also I am switching to the Desert burn when i am done with this bottle because its double the size of the bottle of hoodithin and it is double the Milligrams so 250mg per serving vs 500mg of Desert Juice and its a 2oz bottle whereas Hoodithin is only 1oz. I can't tell you yet on its effects but its 100% though i haven't see it for sale on ebay i bought the 3 bottles of their website for like $130 and there is $10 off till Nov sometime if you enter Fall777 for the 3 bottles. It came withint just a couple days also.

2 more days of work left for me this week and then i will post some new cards. Have a great week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Gone

Wow where does the week go? My weekend ends in about 20 minutes and then I have to go to work. Thought i would post another Thomas Kinkade card i made this evening. These cards take a long time to make because of all the coloring that is on them. I think they look nice in just one color too but this one i colored pieces of it. Colored in pencils and gamsol and then added some glitter.

My anniversary was today which hubby came home with a dozen roses last weekend because he thought it was our anniversary. He knows when it is but he was thinking 10/20 and when it was the 10th he got a tad confused. So i came home from my parents yesterday and he had 2 dozen roses waiting for me. He said there was double because he messed up last weekend... I love roses just wished they lasted longer than they do. But wasn't that sweet...

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am driving up to my parents house tomorrow morning to spend the day with them as its their 50th Anniversary. They are about 3 hours one way from me. I thought I would take them out for dinner. I was trying to think of a card for them which i tried making several and hated all of them. Finally i came across this stamp i bought from Impression Obsession - I embossed it in gold and then took Twinkling H20's and colored it. I used my quickutz to cut out Mom and Dad and then Happy 50th Anniversary on the inside. It's gorgeous in person.... Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thomas Kinkade

I apologize i haven't had much to post lately. I go in slumps where i burn myself out and don't feel like making anything. I am kinda in one of those right now. So i will be making mainly Christmas cards.

Ok here is some stamps i got the other day I just love them but wow the one i colored - tons of work took me a long time. Not sure how many of those i will do. I colored the first one in prismacolored penciles and gamsol. Then for the lights i used Copica Spica markers that are kinda shimmery. Next card is done in just blue bayou Stampin up ink on plain white cardstock and then i added glitter to both. I love how they turned out though.

Ok will post some more cards later this evening - I already made them last night hehe...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots of Mice

Wow i have been so busy it seems with kids stuff and work and everything else I haven't had time to make any cards this week. So i sat down today and made a few. These are the newest stamps by Art Gone Wild arn't they great. I just love their little mice.

Nothing special done to them they were colored with Copic markers and i made parts of them 3d - Added some liquid applique to the pie one to make the frosting look real. I am hoping to get some more cards made tonight.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beautiful Christmas Flowers

I haven't posted anything on my days off so I thought I would post something I just finished. I just received my Impression Obsession order. I was hoping to post a coffee card tonight but my order got messed up and i didn't get the one set of coffee stamps so hopefully i will have those next week. This set is gorgeous too though, its called Wreaths & Garland . It's a clear set with a bunch of little one's. I have never been a big acrylic person but once i figured out how to get them started now i don't mind them. Everytime I use to stamp with them the ink got pulled off and they never made a clear solid image. But Nicole at Papertrey said to take a white eraser on them and dang it works great. Now i don't have any problems, well except my fingers getting full of ink putting them on and off the acrylic blocks LOL. This one anyways I did in Curious Metallics Ice Gold shimmery Cardstock. I used 3 of the different leafs in the set and the flower and the pinecone. I love how it turned out, at first i wasn't sure of it but its gorgeous. I made the flowers 3d and added a rhinestone to each and some ribbon i bought at Michaels tonight.