Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some more Gwendoline Cards

These are available as a digital download at Spiral Whispers now.... Too cute huh. All are printed on my printer and then I used Copics to color them. Added embellishments and wala.... Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink Gem Designs Newest Release Giveaway

Another adorable new release by Janet of Pink Gem Designs and she has 4 stamps she is giving away on her blog. Be sure to run over and sign up. Who doesn't love free stamps and her stamps are adorable.

Spiral Whispers - Gwendoline Digital Downloads

Gwendoline is now available at Spiral Whispers as their newest Digital Downloads. Isn't she too cute.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lasik and some cards

Thanks for all the comments and concerns about my lasik I had done on Friday. Wow if I would have known it was as easy as it was I would have done it years ago. My vision was -325 in both eyes and I have astigmatism pretty bad. My eye doctor always suggested I wear Toric but I never went to them because even with the blurr I got accustomed to it.

So one of the guys I work with his sister just had it done last week. I thought OK I can do this. So I called LasikPlus and got an appointment a day later. They ran a series of different test and explained the process to me. I hate to admit this but because I am over 40 I am prone to have the muscle be relaxed which eventually is what makes people have to get biofocals. So they suggested "Monovision" you see Nearsighted in one eye and Farsighted in the other. At the time I went to the eye doctor I was Nearsighted in both eyes. I think lol I can see close not far.

I had to go without my contacts 3 days. My exam was Wednesday and my Surgury was Friday. You are there maybe an hour or so basically they run all the normal eye tests again to make sure all calculations are correct. They explain after care etc. And they give you a Valum if needed which I needed. I swear the older you get the worse you get about stuff like that.

I then went into a room and layed down on a bed which had a machine over me. They put drops in your eyes to numb them. I did NOT feel one thing. They put a thing in your eye to hold it open then slid you over to the other machine and ran a laser around it to make a flap on your cornea. They folded that over and rolled you back to the other machine. You see a little haze. Then at the other machine you see what reminds me of when a station use to go off the air but in green and red. He counts to like 15 and then rolls you back over to the other machine area which is from his right to his left. Then my eye felt cool and he covered it with a patch. Did the same process for the other eye. Which the whole process took maybe 5 minutes. My husband watched the whole thing on a screen. At that point my eyes were a bit fuzzy. He checked and made sure they looked ok and I was on my way. No point in the procedure I felt any pain.

On my way home the light started bothering my eyes and my eyes started a burning sensation which they said would happen. I went home grabbed my ipod and laid down to sleep for 3 - 4 hours. I woke up and seen better than I ever had before. My astigmatism is gone. Remember I see near out of one eye and far from another so you need to use both your eyes lol. This is strange but I can still see better than I ever have before. In case anyone is wondering it costed me $3198 and that is with a lifetime warranty in case I would ever need a touch up which he said majority don't. It also includes exams etc.

I have an exam right now so was just leaving the house then I have another one in a couple weeks. Then another one this summer. I am so happy about the way it turned out. I heard from others you may feel like you got grit in your eyes. I have not felt this. My eyes feel fine. My left eye which is the farsighted one is a little soar as its bloodshot but nothing I can't deal with.

Here is a new digital image from Victoria Case (Link on the side) I am in a hurry so just click on the side link and go to the digital images. I have 3 other's to show you later they are all adorable.... Have a great day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Sugar Nellies

Here is a card I worked on today. I just love these stamps. I bought a couple and may have to get the rest they are just way too cute. This one is colored in markers. Added lacquer to Ice Cream cone to make it look wet...

I can't wait till I can show you Victoria Case's new Digital stamps for this next release they are way too adorable like always.

Pink Gem Beeutiful Doggy

Here is a card I made last week from Pink Gem Designs. I just love her stamps. Normally I made brown doggies but I was on a blonde kick when I made this one. He is so cute. Also see those little butterflys on the card. If you click on it you can make it bigger but they are new from Robin's Nest. They are Dew Drops/Butterflys... Ribbon is Papertrey Ink. Paper is DCWV.
I am getting antsy about my surgury tomorrow I am trying not to think about it too much LOL. Since I am over 40 I am having both my eyes done differently. From my understanding they make one eye so you can see far away and one eye so you can see close. After 40 your muscles in your eyes relax too much this is why older people need bifocals. With the way they are doing surgury I won't have to worry about that. If they would have made both my eyes so i can see far eventually I would need reading glasses. Interesting huh...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ElzyBells - Chicks

Hope everyone is having a great week. I might be kind of quiet on the blog over the next week or so because today I had my initial Lasik exam. I qualified for Lasik so i wanted to have it asap so I wouldn't chicken out. HAHA. So I just now got someone my sight back as they dilated my eyes today. That was fun driving home 30 miles and not being able to see. Then now I can't wear my contacts until I have my Surgury on Friday morning. So maybe no cards. I can't see very well without my contacts but maybe will try to make one or two tomorrow.... Anyways this card was colored with pencils and oms.... Have a great week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Impression Obsession stamp

Here is another Impression Obsession stamp which I just love. It is colored with markers.

I just finished our taxes for this year gah I hate that job we always have to pay in huge amounts. This year was no better but I am glad its at least done and over with. I also filled out my daughters school loan forms for this year another thing glad its done with. Now its time to relax haha.... Do we ever get a chance to just relax. I think not.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I have my initial exam with Lasik Plus tomorrow to see if I qualify for Lasik so will see how that goes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Impression Obsession stamp

I've had this Impression Obsession stamp forever and I just now inked it up when I found this paper it reminded me of the stamp. I colored this with markers so it looked like layers of different chocolate. It's about all the chocolate I can have these days since I am on a diet. But on the good news this program I am following on my I touch "Lose It" I've lost 10lbs.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Impression Obsession

Ok some of you have asked about my fish icon for my ebay auctions. This stamp is from Impression Obsession. Leigh Hannon is the designer for this stamp I believe and I just love her stamps you can do so many different things with it. This card I colored with markers. I made 3 layers of it so I could get it to pop up alot. The water was 2 layers and then the fish another layer. The outer edge was embossed in sparkly embossing powder which I can't remember the name and then added stickle to the water. This was my favorite card I made this week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some more Elzybells

Here are a couple more Elzybells I posted on ebay today. I colored the top one in Pencils and Gamsol and bottom is markers. I was stuck on my Elzybells folder on my days off she has such adorable images its hard not to use them. Also don't forget tonight Whiff of Joy Release went live. I had to get a couple Elisabeth Bell was the designer and she has adorable stamps.... Now to the gymn and then to work. Hope everyone enjoys the week...

A2 Cards - Elzybells

Normally as you can see I don't make A2 cards but when I went to get envelopes I almost died at the price it costed like $30 for like 150 envelopes and Neenah cardstock was 11c a sheet. It's crazy how much stuff costs these days.

Here are some cards I made last night. I didn't realize how many I did till I started taking pictures this morning. I was listening to the audio book Christine Feehan - Dark Curse. After this book I have listened to all her books in that series. They are so good...

Have a great weekend... It's Monday for me haha..

Release Day for Spiral Whispers

Today is finally here and we have our first release available to download NOW!!! This download Flourishing Flowers is designed by our newest designer on board Rachel Hawkins, it contains 8 flower designs which you can either colour in or leave black!

With the cards I have showed you this week I printed half of them on 140# cardstock and also Kraft paper from Paper trey ink.

I also have several cards to show you that I made this week. I actually made some A2 cards and I think they all turned out so cute but as I was taking pictures today for ebay my camera battery ran out LOL so I am charging it now. Funny it doesn't give you a warning a head of time it is dying.

Also TWILIGHT DVD is now available. I had mine preordered so it should get here today... Who doesn't love Edward. I am listening to Christine Feehan - Dark Series now and am almost done with the last book. I just love them. I can't wait for a new one of them either. I don't read though as a rule i don't have enough time so I listen to them on my IPOD while I am driving 2 hours back and forth to work everyday or at the gym. Or even at home making cards.. Love em.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Sneak Peak of Spiral Whispers

Here is another sneak peek of some digital stamps that Spiral Whispers is coming out with this month. As many of you know I was a guest designer for Spiral Whispers. Kitty emailed me a couple weeks ago and told me she has the business back in full swing again after some personal issues which it was closed for a short while. I gladly accepted so now I am designing for both Victoria Case which I love her and her stamps to death and now Spiral Whispers also.

I must say when Kitty sent me these images I looked at my husband and said "Hmmm what am I gonna do with these" Lol. They are gorgeous but all my stamping and card making experiences have been working with images like Victoria's or Penny Black or ones that I can easily color and cut out. But once I printed these out on Kraft paper and some from the past couple of days on regular 140# cardstock I got to work. I actually enjoyed working with the images alot it was a great change of pace. Again I am not good at leaving things black and white so added color. This card I added a little blue prisma pencils around the flowers and distressed the edges. And Nah I can't leave anything flat LOL so this one i cut out the tops of the flowers and then added rhinestones to give it a little something extra. I really like how all the cards I did turned out. That beautiful cardstock is from Stampin Up and the ribbon and button are from Papertrey Ink. Colored background cardstock is also papertrey ink.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Victoria Case - Baking Kitty

Isn't this digital stamps too cute from Victoria Case. This is colored with markers.

Another Sneak Peak of Spiral Whispers

Here is another sneak peek for you using a new download 'Flourishing Flowers' available from Spiral Whisper on 21st March.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spiral Whispers Sneak Peek - Flourishing Flowers

Here is a sneak peek for you using a new download 'Flourishing Flowers' available from Spiral Whisper on 21st March. 

This was printed on Kraft paper and I distressed the edges after I cut them out with my dies. I then colored it with Pencils and added rhinestones and glitter... Isn't it too cute. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Penny Black

I love Penny Black stamps they are just too fun to use. Here is another which I have had forever arn't they adorable. This is colored in copics. Paper is Kaiser I think I just got it at Archivers. Buttons are Buttons Galore.

On the positive note we had 70 above here today I have all the doors and windows open. I am so ready for summer. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Penny Black - Bunny

Sorry I haven't had time to post another week flew by. We had snow so I even stayed home sick one night and still didn't get done what I wanted to get done. I ended up doing some cards for my Mother in law who has a friend they were doing a silent auction for that had a brain tumor. So my days were spent making those. Here is one of the cards I made for Ebay this week which I only ended up getting like 5 done this week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elzybells - Chickens

Here are some Chicken cards I made with Elzybell's stamps. These are colored with copics and added lacquer and stickles.

It is snowing outside AGAIN... So far it looks like about 5 - 6 inches. According to the news we could get up to 10 inches.. ughhhh

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Penny Black

Isn't this stamp too dang cute. It's an old one but new to me. It's from Penny Black and I got it from Dick at HMstamps which I think he changed the name to PBstamps LOL. She is colored in copics and made parts 3d of course. Punch trim is from Martha Stewart and paper was just a piece I had laying around.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Penny Black - Ducks

Isn't this stamp too cute. It is an older one but I just bought it. Sorry I haven't posted but it seems like I have been so busy lately. We also went and seen Watchmen today. It is a good movie we enjoyed it. Twilight comes out on DVD in another couple of weeks I so can't wait for that. Anyways card is done in Copics....

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Victoria Case Digital Downloads

I am so happy I can finally show you this newest digital download from Victoria Case. I absolutely love it.... Can you tell I make multiple cards with it haha... I made this the perfect size too for cards. I added 2 rows of 3 - Colored with Copics and pencils...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dragon Fun

Isn't this stamp way too cute. I think its by Stampavie they are fun to color and easy to make 3d. I hope everyone had a great weekend...