Thursday, September 27, 2007

Card Tin

Isn't this great I made this today. Unfortunately its gonna make me gain weight eating these as I ate 1 to every 4 i wrapped LOL. I stamped each chocolate and then decorated a band for the tin. I made a card to match. I stamped on Shimmery Stardream cardstock.

I added some ribbon i got at michaels and then some chipboard snowflakes i cut out using my cuttlebug. I used some Rhinestones i got at Archivers... This turned out so cute i wish my pictures would have turned out better.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Gotta love presents. Of course i am working and havent done any stamping on those days until my days off. I am way too wiped and no energy. But today hubby gave me to bracelets for an early anniversary present. We have been married 9 years in October. My little schnauzer is my baby she sleeps with me and is my shadow. So he trys to buy me stuff with her on it. I got 2 bracelets one is an italian charm bracelets its gorgeous and the other one is a silver bracelet with her being the charm. I put pictures up. The charm bracelet has another dog on it in the picture but see the seperate picture with the charm. Very cute.

I also got a whole order of High Hope stamps today for Fall which i am going to be making on my days off... stay tuned. And have a great week....

Friday, September 21, 2007


I was minding my own business today surfing along and was on Splitcoast stampers and looking through the gallery when one of my cards popped out at me. I was like NO WAY - I remember making it beginning of summer because I have been thinking of using the stamp recently. So i was like who would ever pass off someones card or design as their own. So i went searching through all my old listings because Auctiva saves them for you and found it. So i went back and held the two up side by side. There isn't anything close to being different. I posted the old auction again as a new auction on Ebay so I could send the person the link. Its the Hedgie Mail Card. So i went back and found out who bought the card and yep same person as posted it. I sent her a private message telling her while i appreciate the complements to post either my card or an exact replication that i have it posted on my auctions to please not replicate. I told her it takes away from it being "Original" when that is done. Maybe i was a bit to hasty but its wierd seeing someone else get compliments on a card you did and claiming it for their own... Very strange. Anyways now that i am done venting because it still makes me made here is a cute card i made today....

House mouse stamp one of their new one's i can't remember the name though. HM stamps has it on his site. By the way his prices are ALWAYS 20% below retail so buy your house mouse stamps from him. Its a retired guy and he's great. This one was hard to 3d so i just made the bags 3d and colored the rest with pencil.
I wasn't too ambitious today. My husband stayed home from work so he dragged me to Best Buy but i got a new Divx DVD player out of the deal as an early anniversary present so i cant' complain. Then my son was suppose to go to his dad's tonight which i drive 1 1/2 hour one way to meet half way but he never called so i've been kinda lazing it all day. Oh yeh then i got my Joann's order which included 3 inch Cropper Hopper embellishment drawers and ribbon holders and clips. I watched Day's of our Lives and put all my loose ribbon on the holders.. I gotta order some more not near enough. Ok i best get back to my cards.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost forgot notecards

Almost forgot i was gonna show these notecards i made yesterday. I still don't have the hang of watercoloring and to me its faster to color with pencils but they turned out ok i think... I need some more of these stamps so i can do some more i only have a couple. They are by Rosies Roadshow I love em..

Thursday Evening

Wow days go by fast don't they. Are any of you watching my Christmas countdown? Kinda scares me how fast those days go by. I haven't really given Christmas a thought yet but i guess i better since it boils down to 5 paychecks till Christmas LOL...

Here is a card i just finished making isn't it cute. Its a penny black stamp and i colored with pencils on kraft paper... I just love the paper i have some in pink also. I cut the head out and made that 3d along with the bowl... very cute i think for a guy's birthday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night

Well its Monday night its my last night for this week as I took tomorrow night off. I got a nice surprice in the mail today and got a bunch of embossing dies that look like my scallop punches but in all shapes and sizes and they are embossed along the edge. I used one in this card I am going to show you but its hard to see in pictures.

This card i made because i had this paper left over from another card and now i am all out of it. I like it looks like its knitted. I stamped a fluffles on that paper and used the sweater and yarn ball to cut out to match the background.

Ok on my way to work have a great evening...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Evening

Well i started back to work last night so my energy level is like zero. I worked on 2 cards this evening. This is one of them. Puppy is so cute. I colored him with pencils and used my cuttlebug to do the background with one of the Christmas embossing folders. I used the other one and did the snowflake circle behind the puppy. I added some chipboard snowflakes and put some glitter on them so they would sparkle which were also cut out of my cuttlebug.

Have a great evening... Only 2 more nights for me because i took my Friday off which is Tuesday evening. Hopefully i get some new stamps this week and can make something you haven't seen before...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Christmas Puppy

Ok last night I made a few cards but i absolutely love this little puppy. I stamped him on craft paper and then I had a little tiny snowflake which i stamped in white on the background. I bought some sparkly markers from Ellen (Link on front page) which i love so the nose and headband and ribbon are sparkly. I just got these markers maybe a month ago and i already used all my white. Which is clear and you can put over any color. The Happy Holiday which are metal are from Oriental Trading. I don't remember how much they were but everything at that place to me is fairly cheap. Added 3 layers of cardstock and paper. The paper which is coated is from Darcies i forgot i bought it LOL... Everything is colored with colored pencils except the copic sparkly markers.
Someone commented and asked me how many stamps i own LOL.... Hmm i never really thought about it but i am starting to Unmount my Stampin up sets and have already went through 300 CD cases and i have maybe 200 left?? I have hundreds of different companies which Penny Black being one of my favorite and Stampendous. I have 100+ house mouse cause i just counted them recently. And tons of others... I never sat and figured it out cause i would get scared thinking how much money i have spent in stamps. I should probably sit down one of these days and go through my stamps and add more insurance on the house just in case.
Have a great weekend. Me and my husband are taking my son to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow. Its been kinda chilly heare only in the 60's so should be a good day for walking around...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Buzzard

Ok had to post this card cause i just love how it turned out. I just ordered a bunch of new stamps and some of them came today. I started with a white background and then used the Happy Birthday Banner on the top. Then i stamped some grass on the bottom and the little bees. I colored the buzzard in pencils and markers and put him on top with a couple balloons. The saying I bought with the stamp... Very cute. I thought would be a great card to give to a guy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I got my new Bella stamps the other day. I think they are so cute... This is the Halloween one I made. I also got a Veggie Bella and a Feelabella I am going to make. I used my Copic Sparkle markers on the black and purple. I just love those little markers. I am off now as of this morning for next couple days so hopefully i get some new cards made.... Have a great week

Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Stampendous Stamps

I got these little stamps the other day. I truely love them they are so cute. A bunch of little elves named Pixel and Pookie... Nothing special about these cards outside the fact they are adorable. Both cards I am using the new paper by K & Company that came in a stack.

Well back to work tonight which I am so not looking forward to. Maybe it will be slow and i can work on my large Christmas order I don't have done yet. Have a great evenin

Friday, September 7, 2007

More new kinds of transparency cards

I had to post another post today to show these adorable cards i did. I used a sheet of transparency and then stamped on them. The snowflake one has white snowflakes stamped on it and then the halloween one has bats. I let them dry because they smear easy if you don't let them have a good drying. The snowflake one i stamped in Hybrid Pallette Canvas and the Bats in Black Stazon which drys a little faster. I think made a normal card underneath with 3 additional layers.

I made the punch outs and stamped little houses on both. Christmas house is 3d along with the Ghost house and then added snowflakes made with stardream paper its shimmery. I then tied ribbon at the tops of both with a charm. Which holds the transparency in place. I also put a couple little pieces of 2 sided red liner tape on the front top so where you can't see it. Arn't they great. Pictures obviously don't do them justice.... I had some Metallic Class a peel type stickers that said Season's Greetings I added to the snowflake card. It adds so much i wish i had Happy Halloween sayings too...
I almost forgot to add that the Houses both of them are A Muse Stamps which i love they are soooo adorable. You will find the link under my links column....
Anyways Again have a great weekend.

Stained Glass

Wow where did the week go? Things have been busy with the kids back to school for the first week. I'm getting a bit nervous about them next week because this week i took a few days off and they both slept through their alarms every day. When i work i don't get home till 10am or so every day.

Ok here is a card i did the other day. With the stained glass technique. Doesn't it look like real stained glass. Its very easy to do its just time consuming and buying different colors of glitter gets very expensive. I use the Ultra Fine Glitter by Art Glitter I believe is the company it comes in little bottles. Each bottle is like $4 per color. Then i use their glue which i have had some bad luck with lately because its too runny. It has to be thick enough to hold the glitter and that you can tap it and it doesn't run. Then you use Acetate or transparency - You can do it two different ways. You can either stamp an image make sure there is enough seperated space though for different colors. Must be with Stazon which is the only ink i found works good on transparencies. Or else here i used gold outline stickers made by Class A Peel i believe. I buy them in bulk from Australia but they are basically the same concept.

Then you go on the reverse side - glue the area's starting first with the darkest color. Do all one color first. So for instance this one i probably started with either red or green both equally dark. So say i did all red spots - then i switched colors and then did all green spots and then i did the blue spot and then gold and then white last. Believe me you don't want the white first because then the dark goes behind it. I have messed up many times and went backwards and then you have to throw it.

So as you can see there isn't much too it but needs to dry untouched over night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend... Rainy and chilly here today

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Monday BOO HOOO

Well back to work I go tonight UCK - I am hoping its slow tonight. I have a large Christmas order for someone I have been working on and if its slow since I am the only one there I can work on it. Then I won't feel like the whole night is wasted.

I had a request for this stamp today I forgot i had it. Verse goes with it I think. Both stamps are from Inky Antics. Not sure if they are still available on their site or not, I've had them for sometime now. I used 3 layers one is shimmery. Also the white strip in the middle is shimmery i cut them on my create a cut cutter. I colored the car with my copic makers then i took the new copic glittery pens which I got at Ellen's if you look on my list of links below I can't remember the name of them but she has them. They arn't too bad in price and they are so glittery without having to wait for them to dry like stickles they are great. I might need another set so they don't run out i use them so much. I added Rhinestone brads for hubcaps. Also put a few smoke puffs behind with my pigment pen. I love this card... Ribbon is from May Arts of course.

I hope everyone has a great evening and a great labor day weekend. Then back to the hussle of the school year if you have kids... Quiet days though so i can sleep :-)