Monday, September 24, 2007


Gotta love presents. Of course i am working and havent done any stamping on those days until my days off. I am way too wiped and no energy. But today hubby gave me to bracelets for an early anniversary present. We have been married 9 years in October. My little schnauzer is my baby she sleeps with me and is my shadow. So he trys to buy me stuff with her on it. I got 2 bracelets one is an italian charm bracelets its gorgeous and the other one is a silver bracelet with her being the charm. I put pictures up. The charm bracelet has another dog on it in the picture but see the seperate picture with the charm. Very cute.

I also got a whole order of High Hope stamps today for Fall which i am going to be making on my days off... stay tuned. And have a great week....

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