Friday, September 7, 2007

Stained Glass

Wow where did the week go? Things have been busy with the kids back to school for the first week. I'm getting a bit nervous about them next week because this week i took a few days off and they both slept through their alarms every day. When i work i don't get home till 10am or so every day.

Ok here is a card i did the other day. With the stained glass technique. Doesn't it look like real stained glass. Its very easy to do its just time consuming and buying different colors of glitter gets very expensive. I use the Ultra Fine Glitter by Art Glitter I believe is the company it comes in little bottles. Each bottle is like $4 per color. Then i use their glue which i have had some bad luck with lately because its too runny. It has to be thick enough to hold the glitter and that you can tap it and it doesn't run. Then you use Acetate or transparency - You can do it two different ways. You can either stamp an image make sure there is enough seperated space though for different colors. Must be with Stazon which is the only ink i found works good on transparencies. Or else here i used gold outline stickers made by Class A Peel i believe. I buy them in bulk from Australia but they are basically the same concept.

Then you go on the reverse side - glue the area's starting first with the darkest color. Do all one color first. So for instance this one i probably started with either red or green both equally dark. So say i did all red spots - then i switched colors and then did all green spots and then i did the blue spot and then gold and then white last. Believe me you don't want the white first because then the dark goes behind it. I have messed up many times and went backwards and then you have to throw it.

So as you can see there isn't much too it but needs to dry untouched over night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend... Rainy and chilly here today

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