Friday, September 21, 2007


I was minding my own business today surfing along and was on Splitcoast stampers and looking through the gallery when one of my cards popped out at me. I was like NO WAY - I remember making it beginning of summer because I have been thinking of using the stamp recently. So i was like who would ever pass off someones card or design as their own. So i went searching through all my old listings because Auctiva saves them for you and found it. So i went back and held the two up side by side. There isn't anything close to being different. I posted the old auction again as a new auction on Ebay so I could send the person the link. Its the Hedgie Mail Card. So i went back and found out who bought the card and yep same person as posted it. I sent her a private message telling her while i appreciate the complements to post either my card or an exact replication that i have it posted on my auctions to please not replicate. I told her it takes away from it being "Original" when that is done. Maybe i was a bit to hasty but its wierd seeing someone else get compliments on a card you did and claiming it for their own... Very strange. Anyways now that i am done venting because it still makes me made here is a cute card i made today....

House mouse stamp one of their new one's i can't remember the name though. HM stamps has it on his site. By the way his prices are ALWAYS 20% below retail so buy your house mouse stamps from him. Its a retired guy and he's great. This one was hard to 3d so i just made the bags 3d and colored the rest with pencil.
I wasn't too ambitious today. My husband stayed home from work so he dragged me to Best Buy but i got a new Divx DVD player out of the deal as an early anniversary present so i cant' complain. Then my son was suppose to go to his dad's tonight which i drive 1 1/2 hour one way to meet half way but he never called so i've been kinda lazing it all day. Oh yeh then i got my Joann's order which included 3 inch Cropper Hopper embellishment drawers and ribbon holders and clips. I watched Day's of our Lives and put all my loose ribbon on the holders.. I gotta order some more not near enough. Ok i best get back to my cards.

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