Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm still here....

So yes I am still here I've just been laying low and gearing up to do some Holiday cards. I am also in the process of documenting all my stamps. I bought these Canon Sketch 5 x 7 notebooks which have 100 pages in them and see the picture above. I am stamping all the images in them and then when I am bored I am coloring some of them just to get some color schemes. I have almost one whole notebook just of Elizabeth Bell... So far I got almost 5 notebooks full and haven't made a dent yet. If anyone knows of anyway to get Memento Ink off the fingers i would love to know. I have to take a break every other day cause i have been getting blisters on my thumb lots of stamping. I also have been going to work with black fingers. Believe me i have tried everything. I even walked through our local Archivers and tried all the ink removers on it. None worked. I tried every home ingredient i could think of even bought some stuff off the internet called Removeez which that worked better than most ingredients but still no go for 50% of the ink. Yes it wears off in a few days but I have a business job so it kind of looks funny lol.

I also moved scrap area's again. My husband plays drums so we swapped spots so the noise would be less which i love it upstairs even though it's smaller so i am still having some of my stuff stored downstairs but majority is up here. It's nice and quiet and warm. It was freezing downstairs no matter summer or winter.

Well that's enough chit chat for today. I hope everyone is enjoying summer since we are finally seeing one here in MN.