Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Gone

Wow where does the week go? My weekend ends in about 20 minutes and then I have to go to work. Thought i would post another Thomas Kinkade card i made this evening. These cards take a long time to make because of all the coloring that is on them. I think they look nice in just one color too but this one i colored pieces of it. Colored in pencils and gamsol and then added some glitter.

My anniversary was today which hubby came home with a dozen roses last weekend because he thought it was our anniversary. He knows when it is but he was thinking 10/20 and when it was the 10th he got a tad confused. So i came home from my parents yesterday and he had 2 dozen roses waiting for me. He said there was double because he messed up last weekend... I love roses just wished they lasted longer than they do. But wasn't that sweet...

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