Monday, October 22, 2007

Weight Loss

I think my story is everyone's these days but as you can see by my little ticker on the side i have been trying to lose weight forever. I quit smoking 4 years ago and gained an instant 40lbs from my 120lbs and its been a constant battle since. I think I have tried every product on the market today from powers - liquids - shakes you name it. Few of those brands would be Metabalife - Trimspa - Dexatrim - Slimfast only to name a few.

I was at work a couple weeks researching weightloss. I know it gets harder after 40 but it shouldn't be impossible. My problem is not the amount of food i eat at a sitting but that i munch munch munch all the time. I think everytime i go into the kitchen i grab a handful of something to eat. So ok back to the research. Anyways i ran into something called Hoodia - its all natural and grows in South Africa which its a plant. They are trying to make synthetic one's here in the states so you got to be careful. Must say 100% pure on it. I have only found a couple distributors of it that were legit. Which are HoodiThin and DesertBurn there are a couple more too but i was more interested in liquid as its immediately absorbed unlike pills that take forever to kick in.

I am too cheap so after doing my research i bought a couple bottles of HoodiThin on ebay. I think i paid $26 for one and $30 for the other. It was used in Africa while they were on hunting trips they ate it because it filled them up without eating or bringing along a bunch of food. Now i am thinking but does it work. I have wasted so much money on these products whats another right. So when it came last monday i believe it was it suggests 1 full dropper a meal but then your little bottle wouldn't last long. I put in 1/4 dropper and use it 4 x a day when i am hungry or feel like munching. Guess what no food cravings and i am full all the time. You have to make yourself eat because obviously not eating isn't healthy. But since last money i have dropped about 5lbs which everyone knows first week you lose more than others but keep track of my tracker and you can see how much i lose.

I don't feel any side effects like i do with other weight loss products - No headaches - sick to my stomache - shakes - tremors or anything else. First couple of nights i did have some horrible dreams but that might have just been that day's stress. But if there is someone out there like me its worth a try. My husband is also doing it i don't know if its because of weight or what but he needs the full dropper where as i get by with the 1/4.

Oh also I am switching to the Desert burn when i am done with this bottle because its double the size of the bottle of hoodithin and it is double the Milligrams so 250mg per serving vs 500mg of Desert Juice and its a 2oz bottle whereas Hoodithin is only 1oz. I can't tell you yet on its effects but its 100% though i haven't see it for sale on ebay i bought the 3 bottles of their website for like $130 and there is $10 off till Nov sometime if you enter Fall777 for the 3 bottles. It came withint just a couple days also.

2 more days of work left for me this week and then i will post some new cards. Have a great week.

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