Monday, July 23, 2007

First Sewn Card

Ok I am all excited i got my sewing machine tonight its a small one that I ordered from Hancock Fabrics online. It's a Janomi Mini Sew if anyone is interested. They run about $50 and weigh about 5lbs. Its small enough to fit on my scrap table.

Funny thing is I can't sew a stitch. Never have been able to. I didn't pay much attention in the sewing class I had in highschool and I had a girlfriend sew my project we had to make. Always looked like too much work for me.

But here is my first sewn card. After i played with the machine for an hour trying to figure out how to thread it and get it to work. I absolutely LOVE it... I made this its all sewn around the edges.. It was way too fun. Be on the look out for more of my sewn creations...
Also the background is done on Stampin Up's Kraft paper which this is the first time i have used it too. I really liked how it blended on it. I am so picky about the paper i use its not funny. Believe me its not worth it to skimp on paper for using pencils with gamsol because it will make a different. I have found and not because i sell it but because i love it that Stampin Up's cardstock is great for pencils but its not good for markers so it all depends on the project.

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