Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patricks Day

So how is everyone's week going so far. It's only Tuesday and I know I shouldn't wish my life away but I do wish it was Friday. Wouldn't it be great if we never had to work. Unfortunately I do in about 20 minutes LOL. Anyways I made this little guy from Pink Cat designs I think it was. I know I've been hooked on this punch. I really wish I could find more that I like this much. I had the embellishments in my stash no clue where they are from. I got the paper from SCAD one of her 6 x 6 tablets. This is colored with copics of course which I should have my new ones probably tomorrow I can't wait. Hubby is gonna freak this is going to be a busy mail week. I have envelopes coming, padded envelopes, markers, papertrey order, my Stampvie order from 7 kids whenever those come in. Oh can't forget my tape for my ATG gun and also 20 sheets of EZ mount. You don't wanna know how much I spent but seriously why is it everytime I run out of something I run out of EVERYTHING all at the same time. I hate that. Ok gotta go grab another cup of coffee and head out into the snow and cold ..... did I mention I hate winter.

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Rene said...

This is just adorable! The ribbon matches perfectly too.