Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lili of the Valley and some exciting news

OMG the news first. Go to this link and go to Debbie's Blog She is the first on the Daily Preview or whatever they call them for that company and then you can see another Blog and Video here at Kimberly's. They are coming out with new Spellbinders at CHA for Edges and both of those links got Videos but the tutorial one is on Kimberly's and they look FANTASTIC. I am so excited. I love my Nesties... Here is a short funny story when I was moving my stuff back upstairs i keep my Nesties in 4 regular size Stampin Up containers. Well I remember moving them but when I made a card this past weekend I went to look for them and I could not find them anywhere. I literally searched for hours for the things and was beginning to think they got thrown out. Well I could not tell you how upset I was. I think my husband thought I was crazy... he doesn't realize how much money are in those 4 little boxes probably thousands worth the dies if you think of how long they have been out and I probably have 30 sets of them. Well after hours I finally did find them stacked somewhere I can't tell you how relieved I was.... Ok onto my card.

This is one of the latest release of Lili of the Valley. Remember I said I love love love these stamps and this artist which i think as I said the other day maybe also drawing for Sugar Nellies? No I don't know that for a fact but wait till I get my stamps and I make a card I will show you what I mean. Anyways I better type fast I have work in a few minutes. Ok so this is my latest card. The spin wheel thing and I can't remember what they are called is a Die from Cat's Pajama's. I like the spin wheel but for the die you need to make 2 of them and then you fold them with the folds and then tape them together. I think they lose something when taped together but I believe it's the only way to do them. So I know there is 2 edges where they are taped and if you are looking for them then you can see them which I don't particularly care for but their dies are fantastic and as I said I do like the die... The little white one on top could be folded into a small one and then the little circle is part of the set too and then I added a pearl. Oh and those ribbon type banners are also on that die set too so you get alot of dies for the price. But it's all colored in copics of course.. But sorry to cut it short I am going to be late for work... Have a great day and check out them products and video's.

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