Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thomas Kinkade

Here is a card I made with microbeads. This is not a stamp its actually some paper that is sold by Cornish Heritage Farms its so nice. It comes in a 8 x 8 bundle which I can't remember how many are in there but its like $17 I think. So its not cheap. This piece was 4 x 4 i think. I used 2 sided tape sheets on top and then loaded it with microbeads. Its gorgeous in person but doesn't show up well in a scan.

It's going to be a very slow couple of weeks on my blog as I am trying to get done with Christmas stuff. I normally put mine off till the last minute. Plus I still have my baking to do. I guess no dieting till AFTER the holidays haha. I am making some cookies for here and then my work and hubby's work. I also have a band concert for my son this week. I am done buying but still need stocking stuff and also stuff for the doggies for Christmas. They need stuff also.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Renee G said...


Absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE THAT. I bet it really is fab in person! Great idea!
Have a great week and hope you get your things done!
We no longer do christmas and its such a relief! ha

Victoria said...

Wow- Beautiful, Wendy!!! :)