Saturday, April 4, 2009

High Hopes - Watermelons

Well my eyes are still healing so I have been trying to take it easy on them. It was wierd the first day or few days I could see perfect and now I have been having difficulty focusing. From all the reading I have been doing it they say its normal and it takes a few weeks for your eyes to heal. My drivers license expired last months so I am hoping they heal very soon so I can go and get another one. I didn't do as many cards this week as normal but did a couple.
This is a Watermelon card I did from High Hopes isn't it too cute.

My husband bought me a Kindle and I got it yesterday they are so cool. They are put out by Amazon. You download books straight from there also which are cheaper than paperback books and they back them up for you so they are always there.


pescbrico said...

Yummy! Beautiful card as always :)

Anonymous said...

Love the card Wendalyn. Hope you don't suffer too long with the eyes!!! Oprah was advertising the Kindles on her show one day. I thought it was the neatest thing ever. Especially for someone like myself who loves to read and I usually go through a book in a day!! gets expensive!