Saturday, April 4, 2009

How I store my stamps

I always get messages asking me how I store my rubber stamps. Very easy I will show you if you ignore my mess. I am in the middle of rearranging. Yesterday the beige shelf you will see my rubberstamp binders on almost fell over cause it was too heavy HAHA. I had all my cardstock and sizziz dies on it along with a million other heavy things. Anyways so I flipped it around so it tilts now towards the wall and replaced it with my stamp binders.

So anyways the picture with all the binders are my stamps. They are labeled by maker normally or else designer. As you can see maybe names in the single row I took. When one gets full I either get a 2 inch binder or just get another one and label it the same. Also I use the 8 x 11 clear pages and put in either the index label that comes with which I am showing Victoria Case's now because she has the best index labels that I have seen come with stamps since they are colored. I tape them to a 8 x 11 sheet of paper and then put them in the protectors. I put my stamps on ezmount and stick them to my acrylic pages see pictures you can enlarge any of them you want by clicking on them. Tomorrow I will post how I store my ribbon, markers and punches.

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Victoria said...

Okay I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open- OMG it's like Disneyland!!! I love how everything is organized (btw-thank you for showing the vc stamps hee hee) Everything has a place and is tagged. Very cool! You must just feel like you walk into heaven when you open your crafty door. :) Ahhhh.
Thank you Wendy for sharing your room with all of us!!