Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gorjuss Girls

Here is a new cards I made with Gorjuss Gals... I haven't use any of these yet so I thought I better start. This one is colored with Copics.. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

I had to bring Bailey to the Vet again she got sick again. I had them run multiple tests to find out what it was making her sick and they send her results to the hospital to have a pathologist look at them too. She has some sort of Anemia which Schnauzers get I guess. They put her on prednisone which is a steroid to make her body not get rid of her red blood cells which is the problem. She is producing them it is just that something is getting rid of them. Hopefully this works. We might have to have her on this stuff for a long time they said upwards of a year, maybe more. So she is now acting more like she normally does and has her appetite again. We are keeping our fingers crossed. She will be having more blood tests in 2 weeks to see if her blood has improved.