Monday, March 15, 2010

Wild Orchid Crafts

I was going to post a card today and thought I would post this instead. I ordered a few weeks ago some beautiful flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts. This is my 2nd order I have also ordered from them before. It is owned by a guy and his wife and they sell the most beautiful flowers. For that that love Prima these are 100x better and cheaper. My order anyways took a little vacation to The Netherlands can you imagine the nerve and not bringing me along LOL. But the owner figured it out and sent me an email apologizing a million times. Then he contacted the person he sent them to and she went out of her way also to send them to me. Huge thanks to Sylvia for that. Anyways I then in the meantime ordered another order which I know I am hooked on these flowers but see the individual pack I posted the picture of those are Curly roses and I was waiting for them to come in but they were being slow coming in stock anyways he sent those priority to me also. I received them today and it was just like Christmas see my pictures. Then see the plastic bag on the flap in the last picture on the left hand side well those were free to me just because the first ones were given a vacation. The poor owner felt so bad and apologized so many time I felt bad... Anyways if you need flowers definitely check them out at Wild Orchid Crafts - customer service goes a long ways in my book. I am already making my next list haha... Will post a card later tonight.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the great tip. I went to the website and their items and prices are amazing. I will be ordering soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendalyn,
After reading this post I just had to check out their website. I was so impressed that I placed an order that evening. My flowers arrived on Thursday and I am so impressed! I couldn't believe how fast they shipped to Canada!! I just wanted to say thanks for the info on such a great store!