Saturday, March 8, 2008


Happy Saturday ! I get the fun job of Car shopping today. I was finally told that my car money is in the mail but I have to get rid of my rental on Monday hmmmm I am seeing a gap there since I haven't gotten it as of yet. We are going to go to look for a car today and see if I can give them a Post dated check hopefully they go for that. This whole thing has been one headache after another.

On better news I got some of my new Gruffies done on my days off. These again can be bought at HMSTAMPS as with any house mouse or penny black stamp. All of these were done on Papertrey ink cardstock with either pencils and gamsol or my copic markers.
Hopefully after today things can get back to normal again after I get another car. I tell you I will definately be happy to get rid of the rental. Oh btw don't forget tonight is daylight savings times. Spring ahead..... Yipee one less hour of work for me in the morning.

I've edited this post 3x now and I believe now i got the name for them little bears right LOL...

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Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

What adoable little bears and such fun stamps. Nikki x