Sunday, March 16, 2008


Weather here is startiing to get nice and you can actually see the grass again. Which is a great site since I absolutely hate winter. It was like 50 above today and I am so ready for summer and
to be able to open up the windows again.
Here is a new house mouse I made the other day which i made parts of it 3d of course. I love coloring these little guys. I use Stampin Up Whisper White cardstock when I use Gamsol because i found it works the best for blending. Markers I use Papertreys Cardstock. I always use Sepia for the brown on the mouse i found it looks the most realistic. With colored pencils and gamsol which is an oderless mineral spirits and I believe you could use any brand. I have heard of people using baby oil too. I have not tried this yet. For coloring Prismacolor work the best I believe i heard it was something about the wax? But I have tried several other brands and nothing compares to them. I bought the huge 120 pack which i paid over $100 for. You don't need this many colors. I use a fleshtone, Sepia, Chocolate, Apple Green, Marine Green, Pink, Hot pink and a few others you don't need all the colors you won't use them and its a waste of money. I believe Joann's and Michaels both sell single one's. I just bought some yesterday at Dick Blick because i go through my pencils alot because I love them sharp. I also used a dot of glossy effects on the eye of my mouse and for his nose. Makes it look real. Have a great week.

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