Friday, August 22, 2008

3 Doors Down - Hinder - Stained and Jet Black

Long day at the Fair yesterday. We got to our concert and it rained off an on. Bottom picture is kinda blurry cause it was night but shows how many people were there. It was a sold out show. I ended up with a bad headache by the time it was done from everyone smoking haha... Next picture going up is a band called Jet Black, I never heard of them but they were pretty good if you like that kind of music which I do. Next band was Hinder which they are excellent and next band was Staind and then 3 Doors down. One of the 3 doors down picture you can see was when it was light out because we sat earlier in the day watching them from afar. That lead singer rocks that is for sure. They had a nice light show.
My son is also up from his dads so no time to make cards. We went and seen that movie The Mummy today which was good. Tomorrow him and my youngest if its nice I am dropping off at the Water Slide park for the day so maybe I can get a couple cards done then.
Anyways hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend..

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