Friday, August 1, 2008

Sugar Nellies - Elisabeth Boy with Packages

Another card I made using my new Sugar Nellies. This one is so cute don't you think. He is watercolored using my fabulous Peerless Watercolors on Fabriano paper which I love but almost out LOL. I added stickles on the hat for the glitter. Also the fireplace is actually Magnolias in one of their collections I don't remember which. I also watercolored that and made parts 3d. What is a card if you can't see it pop up at you :-). The inside I stitched and colored a Christmas Tree I found in my stamps. It was a clear stamp I believe maybe Hero makes it? Or one of them companies that I found at Archivers last year. I would have loved to have the fireplace be a Christmas tree instead but I can't find a decorated Christmas tree in a size that will fit. Maybe Magnolia will have that in their fall set coming out soon which I can only hope. They have a Travel set and a Heavenly set that they are release beginning of August so I keep checking daily, but nothing as of yet.
Its warm out today and today is my laundry day so I haven't made any cards as of yet. I went and did my 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning and am doing laundry. Now i have to run and grab some groceries for supper. And then a trip over to Target so hopefully tonight I can find time to make a few cards.
Also Clear Dollar stamps just released their August stamps. I ordered the adorable squirrel set. Check them out. The link is on the side of course.


aoc gold said...

I love them very much .You are so great .

TheClint&LisBells said...

Wendalyn, I can't tell you how beautiful your card is. I feel like Christmas is ALREADY here! :) I LOVE your card!


Elisabeth xx