Friday, February 29, 2008

Hanna Stamps

There has been so much going on here I haven't had time to post. I finally got my car resolved which I ended up taking like $5k less then what I paid for it so wasn't too happy there. But I am glad its done with. I sent them the title yesterday so hopefully I will have a check by next week and I can start looking for a car. In the meantime I still have the rental they authorized so glad I am not paying for that I have had it almost 3 weeks now.

Here are a couple Cards I made with Hanna Stamps I think these are so cute. The first card and the 3rd card are made with her new springtime sets. And the 2nd card is made with a birthday set she has. I can't remember the exact name of the sets but they arn't hard to find she doesn't have awhole lot of sets as of yet. All cards are colored with Copics and Pencils. I stamped multiple images of both the females as you can see to get patterned paper for her clothes. Its a bit time consuming but looks nice when it is matched with the paper. The fence i did seperately and the colored with copics and cut out. The bunnies are all part of the springtime set and there are also lambs with that set too i believe and some flowers.
I made like a dozen cards yesterday so will post more tonight. Hope everyone is having a great day. I thought we were done with snow but got a couple more inches last night. I am so ready for summer. I have absolutely had it with cold weather.

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