Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy BIrthday Doggy

Wow days go by just way too fast. I need an at home job LOL. As if you did not know tonight is my Monday uck and I have to go to work in 13 hours and counting. I need more hours in a day too. Not sure why but I slept in till 830 this morning so just enjoying my first up of coffee which I don't drink as much as I use to and limit myself to a cup or two. I have a single cup brewer from Keirag or whatever the name is. Love it. Now I can have all my flavored coffees by the cup and they are all mine. Hubby hates flavored coffee lol

So anyways onto my card I posted he is a free image from Tiddly Winks from joining her Paper Craft Planet group which by clicking on the link you can join and get free images too LOL. She also create stamps for Stampin Bella. So this little doggy is colored in Pencils and Markers see that cool Happy Birthday on the side. Cheryl aka Mochamama from God and I on the Railroad Tracks explained and taught me how to merge the two images and put it on there. I can fix computers but when it comes to the crafty computer side forget it. So quite a few of the cards I did the past two days I have handy little sayings on them haha... Thanks again Cheryl - I am bad student and normally have to ask a million times the same thing lol. So if you have never been to Cheryl's blog go and check it out her cards are gorgeous. Oh not sure how I almost forgot too she introduced me to digital papers from NitWit Collections and OMG I am in love. You have to check them out they have the coolest papers ever. I bought like 6 collections from them over the past 2 days and sent her my wish list for some more papers I'd like to see like baby papers which are hard to find. I was thinking that they would be super expensive to print so I am doing a test now. Single papers here are .99c up to 1.99 for heavy weight. I put mine on Bazzill which I pay .20c a sheet for. So far I have printed out 10 sheets and I will keep track how many I get out of my ink cartridges. I am going to ask hubby for a laser printer I think for Christmas. As you can see they are gorgeous. The doggy papers are 2 out of one of the collections I bought this weekend just love it... Button is from Dress it up which I buy them at Archivers and ribbon I had in my stash I can't remember where I bought it from. It is sold already I normally put stuff in my Etsy store on Friday's or Saturday mornings. I hope everyone has a fabulous sunny weekend... Talk to you soon.


michele hileman said...

What a cute card. I love it

raindropecho said...

As a dog lover, I think this card is so pawsitively adorable! lol, too much?

- Ann