Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penny Johnson

Another great stamp by Stampavie from Artist Penny Johnson. Hmmm are they called Artists or Designers when they create stamps? Anyways you can see all her new ones by going to Stampavies site which I linked. I get mine from 7KidsCollegeFund cause I normally preorder months in advance because I want to make sure I get them. I tell you working nights I spend more money then I can make cause when I get bored at work I try to figure out what my next purchase will be hahah... Maybe I better just stay home huh. Anyways this little cutie was colored with copics and pencils as with all my other cards. I like copics for somethings and pencils for other things. And see my fancy brads I got a Itopper not too long ago to make my own matching brads cause them things are spendy... With an Itopper you just use your scrap paper and make them. I got my Itopper at Oh My Crafts which I could buy the Brad bases in bulk so I have enough to last me till I die now. Ok I gotta go get some things done around the house because I have work in a few hours. Someone messed the clock up in the bedroom and I only slept from 10am - 230pm today cause the clock said it was 430pm. Think someone was trying to steal my sleep time or what. LOL... Have a great Sunday.


kristen said...

love your color scheme. :) Another really cute card!

Rene said...

Super cute! Are those buttons on the upper left side? If they are, how did you get them to match the dp?