Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to work again

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wonderful shopping yesterday. Myself i never go out on Black Friday. I did that one year it was the year when Tickle Me Elmo first came out and there was actually people fighting over this toy. Grown woman, it was definately a funny sight. I am done Christmas shopping anyways I did majority of mine on Amazon and Gift Cards. Which I am excited for Christmas this year because I am done shopping. I have been known to leave things a week before Christmas and then I am so stressed out its not funny.

As you can see by ebay i haven't been very energetic lately. I figured everyone is getting ready to send out there Christmas cards so no sense in putting any Christmas ones out so i've been making my own Christmas Cards and a few Monogram sets to give away. My son also likes to give his teachers gift packs with a dozen or so cards in it. He said his teachers love them. So i have been working on those.

Here is a card i made using one of the newest sets from Papertrey. I used Colorbox Chalk in and then put glitter over it and used an embossing gun to dry it. I have problems with this ink smearing really bad. I did this on a white Curious metallics sparkly cardstock which i love. Then i did the friends on another sheet of same with Merlot Chalk in. I used the flowers and went over the paper too but you can't see it because the main piece is too big. This is a great set along with all her others... Have a great weekend.

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