Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Hedgie

Here is one of my new hedgies I just love them they are so adorable. I didn't like the new acrylics as much they are kind of small which makes them hard to make 3d pieces on. I did this one with markers and copics which I love. But if you buy them buy the sketch or the original because all the money I spent on my CIA's which i think they are called which is like a regular marker size they are all drying out already so I am having to rebuy them.
Anyways not sure who makes this beautiful paper it was in my scraps but the beautiful ribbon is papertrey which i love and support. They have a release party on the 14th of each month and I am always there spending all my money LOL...
It's still nice out here I made chicken marinated all day in Italian dressing and then grilled it. Dang was that nice and tender. I've been on a diet so only eating 800 - 1000 calories a day so i have to make them count.
Have a great night.

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