Friday, October 31, 2008

Elisabeth Bell - Raining

I got so many stamps its hard for me to remember where I got them from or what company they are from. This one I believe is from Whiff of Joy and I know its by Elisabeth Bell. I just love
her designs. She also designs for Sugar Nellies.
This one was colored in copics and the flowers I got at Michaels and the saying is also from Whiff of Joy.
Well its nice out but I didn't have as many Trick or Treaters as normal. So now I have a huge bag of chocolate left. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing but I am addicted and will eat it if its around the house and I am on a diet so I will need to send it to work with my husband.
Hubby got me a new toy an ITOUCH from Apple. I love it. But the battery doesn't last only a few hours on it. I am also connected to wireless on it which my hubby said is why the battery is draining fast but there are tons of puzzle games to download. I even got Crash Bandicot Cart on it which is a hoot. Now I am putting some audio books on it to listen to at the gym.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


POPPET said...

The back and red make this stunning hun, love Pops x x x

Andy said...

That's strange, Wendy... I didn't get a lot of trick or treaters either and the weather was okay. That's great that you had the willpower to give up the excess chocolate!

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Andy Gerrard
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