Monday, October 27, 2008

Penny Black - Christmas Santa

Well only 2 more nights of work. It's nice to only work 4 days I love my 4 - 10s it gives me more time off to make cards. Right now I have been busy trying to get some Christmas shopping done even though I am lazy and do about 90% of it online. Its just way to easy to shop at work and have it delivered and not having to deal with those crowds. Gotta love that.

Here is a card I made this weekend using one of my new Penny Black stamps that hadn't seen any ink. I didn't know if I liked it or not but after I colored it then I did. The tag stamp is Papertrey Inks set which is the latest release. Not sure the name of it but it has a bunch of round tag type stamps. Very cute. This was colored all in copics and made parts 3d.

I was trying to arrange my work area tonight but its funny seems like I just move it from one place to the next and no place really to move it to. I bought my husband a desk tonight he makes Model type figure things. But I might have to get one for myself from The Best Scrapbook Shelf
I love the organizers they have at this place also. He doesn't have a bunch of room so I got one of the smaller desks. I am going to get like a glass overlay for the top so it doesn't get all cutup since he uses a razor knife alot. The place is in Canada I sent them an email to ask them about their packaging since it was coming so far but they said if anything happens to it they would accept a digitial picture and replace it which is great. I got some furniture cubboards from Target last year for my scraparea and the corners were all smashed on a couple and they wouldn't take them back since they were bought online so I definately ask that stuff now before i buy.
Have a great week..

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Lablady2007 said...

Well I posted on the reindeer card and now I just saw this 1...this even a bigger awwwwwww.Your cards are just so sweet. Ty for sharing your amazing talent.