Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sickness and Spiral Whispers SOTW

Sorry I haven't posted but I have had a horrible cold my son decided to give me and sore throat. I actually had to take some days off cause I couldn't talk on the phone either which is 90% of my job LOL. I might try to get in my scraproom later today I am getting tired of laying on the couch. Been watching alot of Wife swap that is a hilarious show though...
Spiral Whispers has a SOTW and this week is Christmas Tree Row. I have to admit when I first got it I was like hmmm what am I going to do with this. But then after I sat down and looked at it a little bit more I seen tons of possibilities. As you can see by the first picture which I watercolored on Fabriano paper it is beautiful alone. You could even make the trees nontraditional colors like pinks and blues. I made some of my trees 3d but you wouldn' t have to would look cute without it.
On the second card I stamped them first on the background and made a few pop out. Which maybe kinda hard to see but then I stamped the doggy seperate and added him later. So it makes an adorable background stamp too.


Rene S said...

Wow, I love that top card. Stunning. Beautiful job on the coloring!

Trak said...

Awww wendy i hope you feel better soon, i love what you did the the trees stamp... get better soon sweetie

hugs trak xxx

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

You do beautiful work Love all your cards.

Hope you get well soon. Take care