Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kinds of Paper

I am getting alot of people asking me where I get my Paper from? Here are some links for you

Kraft paper 110# - Colored 110# cardstock (Limited colors but every month more) - White 110# PaperTreyInk

Watcolor paper 140# Cold Press great for Watercoloring and Hot Press great for Markers. Hot press is flatter think of an iron on it. DickBlick

All other paper I buy my colored from Stamping up which is great for laying I do not use it for cardbases as it's only 80# and I prefer thicker. I do however us Neenah which is 80# but its thicker for some reason which I buy from Anchor Paper Which I buy Cover and Classic Linen one of the Whites. I get misc paper at Archivers when I go there.

Hope that helps...

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