Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pink Poison

Isn't this stamp too cute. Its by Pink Poison. I pieced the couch with the same paper as the background. I just love any little doggy stamps they are too cute.

Now for the question of the day. What are your view points on stamping the back of cards with your signature? I use to always do this on all my ebay auctions and quit doing it because someone told me not to. Then I just kinda didn't think about it anymore so I recently pulled out my stamp that I got from Elzybells and started stamping them again. Which I have it listed in my auctions that I stamp the back of my cards. I've gotten a few emails already on people asking if I would continue to do this or that asked if I could not do theirs. Which of course that would mean I don't do any of them again.... Viewpoints on why this would be appreciated. Since I am not understanding why it would make people not by cards. Thats like not buying cards at Target because they say Hallmark at the back of them.


Rene said...

This card is adorable and beautiful! The stamps remind me a bit of the Littlest Pet Shop.

By all means, you have every right to stamp your info on the back of your work. It's like an artist signing his/her painting! Maybe these people are trying to pass off your work as theirs?

juniejo said...

KEEP STAMPING YOUR NAME ON YOUR WORK !!!! dont stop !!! Outrageous that people are asking you not too, like Rene said its like an artist not signing their own work. If it is good enough for Hallmark then it is good enough for you. If someone wanted a custom order how would they find out who made the card?
So sorry I have another question for you. Your other cards up for auction your little teacup doggies ahhhh I have a friend who loves little dogs like that. Would it be a bother if you could tell me is it a stamp or a digi download. Happy Day !!!

Michelle said...

Well, Wendy, I know exactly who it was who asked you NOT to stamp the back. I had her actually return a card to me, to rematte. She said it looked horrible. BUT in her defense, I had handwritten the name of the stamp co since I didn't have a stamp (even though I have NICE handwriting). If I had an actual stamp with my name on it, I would probably stamp the back of ALL my cards. I would do it either in a coordinating color (if your base is colored) or a lighter color if the base is white. I would include a picture of the back in the auction, so there are no surprises. If someone is seriously not going to buy one of your adorable cards, just because there's a "handmade by" stamp on the back, then you probably wouldn't want them as a customer anyway!!! I agree, when you buy a card at the store, OF COURSE there's something on the back!!

Wendalyn said...

Thanks for your comments ladies... the teacup westies are digis from PC Crafts. I believe i posted the link in one of my posts last week or else just google it. Majority of their images come in black and white. HTH

creativearts said...

Always stamp the back of your cards. I have a stamp that says "created by ej" and that is always on the back of my cards plus the stamp from he companies that I use. I am debating whether to get a stamp with my e-mail and telephone number so that if receipents wanted to order they would have the info. I sell lots of cards and noone has complained about the backs of my cards.