Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow, The world of Blogging is still amazing to me. I know I have received more of these awards in my comments but was never quite sure what to do with them LOL. I went and read Cheryl's Blog after I seen her comment that she left me an award in hopes to figure it all out. Be sure and check out her blog it's great. There and she is very creative and adorable. And I can honestly say before this reward I have never visited her blog. I will definitely add her to my google blogger so I can see what she creates in the future. It looks like Cheryl makes tons of cards too. I just love what she did with Bella's stamps. I have so many of her stamps but I can never think of creative things to do with them. So they sit in my album unused. I may have to pull some out again after seen Charyl's adorable cards with them.

There are so many hundreds of blogs out there. I have Google Blog reader which lets me know as blogs I like are updated. I absolutely love this tool and as I find great new blogs like Cheryl's and it gets added to my blog reader and I get notified every time she posts. If you don't have one please check it out.

Back to this award thing. Thanks so much Cheryl for your kind words about me. You are right I don't say much on my blog just the basics. LOL so I guess in the blog world I am pretty quiet but I so enjoy looking at blogs and they do inspire me. So this is suppose to be sent to 5 other bloggers. I will give you a list of bloggers who inspire me and like Cheryl said I read so many blogs which all have their own personality and inspire me but I cannot list them all. Some day I am going to put a blog list on my blog and list them all but right now I have links to where I get my supplies so maybe I can change that or something. Anyways back to the list...

Suzanne, I love her blog and visit it every time it's updated. She is the one who first turned me on to the beautiful background stamps to add with the cute little Tilda stamps. Thanks to Suzanne my pocket book has suffered. Her cards are absolutely adorable though so be sure to check her out. And after seeing her blog today another background stamp I need in the future..

Kim, If you haven't been to Kim's blog yet its absolutely amazing her cards. Every time I see her cards I am in awe by her creativity. She also is on the design team for CD stamps which I so enjoy seeing her samples every month. Kim has her own style that is for sure. When I see a card of hers without looking I can always tell who's it is. Please be sure to visit her blog.

Becca, I just love Becca's blog she is very creative and I love her style of her cards. She puts a lot of work into each card and again I am in awe by everyone of them. I love looking at all her unique layouts of her cards. I tend to stay with the same one or two and not venture out into all the different ones are out there. Be sure to go see all her beautiful cards.

Claudia, Her blog has been inspiring me for a very long time. I believe it's one of the first places I first seen Magnolia stamps and you all know how I love those little gals. So thanks to Claudia I have bought tons and tons. She has a very unique style about her cards too... Please be sure to visit her blog and see all her adorable cards.
Ana, She has another great blog and her cards are cute and whimsical and very unique. She also makes some great non card items. I so enjoy her blogs and drool at her items which are non card related. I have yet to venture out in that directions. So far I only create cards. Please be sure to check out her adorable cards and projects. You will definitely be inspired.

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Suzanne J Dean said...

Aww, thanks so much for your sweet comments & nominating me for this award! I'm glad I've been able to enable you some, hee hee!