Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have another post after this one I am going to be posting with actual cards tonight. But I had to show you my new purses I got today. Me and my daughter went to a place today called Lillians Its only open one weekend a month. Prices are so great there. How much do you think these purses cost me? They are both leather.

Well I will tell you. The purse on the left hand side was on sale so I only paid $16 for it. It was orginally $40 the price tag said. The purse on the right costed me $36. I also bought my daughter a purse. So I figure I will go back next month and treat myself to another new purse haha.. I love purses and shoes. What gal doesn't though huh...

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Rene said...

Love the red purse! What great finds!`