Monday, January 19, 2009

Stampendous Bee

Isn't this an adorable stamp. It is another stamp I bought from Stampendous. I know I have said this before but I buy all my Stampendous stamps from Katie at KTstamps. She took over that part of the business from Dick at HMstamps. She is great and has a great prices. I normally preorder mine before they are released. This was watercolored. I really enjoy watercoloring, which I think I have gotten better at it then I use to be. I guess practice helps.

The new Stampin UP catalog came out today. I never received my demo copy yet so I downloaded it off their website like everyone else. I actually put in an order today also. There were a few sets I thought were adorable. One was called "Animal Crackers", which had cute little animals which are cartoony. Next was called "A Kind Word" which was a couple girls and adorable. Then there was a Tree set which I ordered. I also ordered some new embellishments which were cordoroy buttons and some buttons called Latte. Oh can't forget the new paper I ordered haha.

Also if you haven't seen them yet, 7 Kids College Fund has preorders for the new dies from Spellbinders. There are tons so I am deciding on which ones I should order first. I don't feel bad investing as much money into these as they cost because as you can tell I use them continuously so they pay for themselves in the long run. If you haven't ordered or seen these in action just look at my cards. I know it can be very overwhelming as there are sooo many of them. You need to figure out your style and what you would use. $20 a set isn't cheap so start out with the basics first. The one's I use the most are Circles and my Circles with Scallops. I own all of them to date but I don't use the Rectangles very much so unless you make the long cards you can skip these ones IMO. I can't wait to get the new flower one's I think they will make adorable centers in the cards.

Ok I think I have rambled on enough tonight. I will save the rest of my ramblings till tomorrow.. haha... Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

So Gorgeous Wendalyn :)

Thanks for your visit to my blog, and in answer to your question I use the distress ink pads for my colouring.. I have a small tutorial for it on my blog:

Have a great day,
Marlene x

Becky said...

This card is just adorable.

Victoria said...

Wonderful cards, Wendy!! :)