Friday, June 20, 2008

Archiver's Exclusive Dies

Isn't this a gorgeous card. This is an Archiver's Exclusive dress that came out. I seen it and fell in love with it. I cut it out with glitter paper and added Swarvoski Rhinestones to the dress. I had some shimmery white metallic thread I used to do the edging and added some pearls and real lace. Isn't it too cute.

Archivers got 10 Exclusive dies I believe. They had a wedding cake but I didn't get that one. I also got a Palm tree which I posted last week and some curvy arrows which I got and some flowers which I didn't get. And some other summery ones. Oh also they had a Birthday penguin which I bought but haven't used yet. I just love running the 4 x 4 through my cuttlebug they cut like a breeze.

You can click on any picture I put on my blog and it makes them bigger...

Have a great evening.

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