Monday, July 28, 2008

Copic Markers

I don't know if I mentioned it this week but the other day I ordered myself the Air Brush System from Copic and also the Air compressor for backgrounds, ground and sky. You can use it for so much more but it actually works with Sketch markers and originals but doesn't work with the Ciao which majority of mine are. So every now and then when I can afford it I will order a dozen markers at a time from Carpediem Store. For Sketch markers they are only $3.95 which is the cheapest I have found anywhere. Also if you want Copic help check out this blog of Marianne Walker she works for Copic. I believe she is one of the people that teaches the certification classes also. She has great advice for everyone about markers on her blog. I added her link to the side bar also in case you lose it. So that is my advice for today :-) now I need to get back to work hehe. We support the UK and other countries so I am having a few minutes downtime right now so thought I would post that tidbit.

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