Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sugar Nellie - New One's

Wow I have been so busy on my day off so far it's not even funny. We had an electrician come over to fix a circuit yesterday. Today I had a dentist apt for my son. Tomorrow I have a Walkthrough tour at Lifetime fitness because I plan on joining that and then I have to bring my son to his dad's. Its been nonstop action.

I made these cards between those things which are both the new Sugar Nellies. Arn't they just precious. Both of them are watercolored, which I found some new watercolors called Peerless Watercolors They are strips of papers with colors imbedded into them. They are suppose to last for years. I bought all the limited sets which are $10 each and then the regular set which I think was $15? Then there is also another set which is $39 but I haven't bought that one as of yet. They work so beautifully. I also use all Fabriano watercolor paper for my watercoloring as it works the best. It's spendy but worth every dime.
I hope to post more cards tomorrow. I plan on making some after my lifetime tour and bringing my son to his dads.


Thomas said...

Hi from Scotland
Hope you dont mind but I had to let you know that I think your cards are amazing. Truly beautiful. Have ordered a few Sarah Kay stamps for myself.

Thomas said...

For some reason my comment is coming up with my hubby's name, I don't know why. Anyway the comment was from me.

Becky said...

Hi from Rhode Island
I just love your cards, they are so beautiful, love your coloring

Donna said...

wow! these stamps are so cute & I love all your cards!!

Donna said...

oh I need to say how I adore the rows of dirt with the brown dp you made-SO clever!

TheClint&LisBells said...

These are SO beautiful!! You are incredibly talented Wendalyn! Thank you so much for sharing them with me, I will post them under the Sweet Ebony II gallery for the world to see. ;)

*Big hugs!*

Elisabeth xx