Monday, July 21, 2008

New Stampendous Stamps - Fluffles & Chantigo

Ok I am happier than a pig in mud.... The adorable little kitty, Fluffles and the adorable little monkey, Chantigo have come out with some more stamps. Everyone knows how I brag up Dick at HMstamps. Well his niece Katie sells Stampendous stamps at a discount which I figured out out to about 20% off or so plus actual shipping and no handling charges like most company's. And top it off she mails international. I emailed her this morning begging for more information on these little guys from CHA and she emailed me the catalog. So if you reply to this post with your email or just send me an email from the link. I will send you the catalog. Stamps can be ordered at KTStamps - I can not wait to get these little guys in my greedy little hands. Plus they have some adorable angel stamps they came out with and a cute little moose and some great new clear sets.

On another note I also received my brand new Sugar Nellies today. All 12 of them. I will be making some cards with those on my day off. I am mounting them now as I type this. They are sooo cute.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. My work week is half done so I am happy. Not to mention all the new stamping possibilities my head is spinning hehe....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy

I would like to see the catalog if you can send it to me, please.

thanks so much!! have a great day!!